4 Tips for Choosing Luggage Let Your Vacation Comfortable and Fun

Traveling out of town or abroad is very exciting. Suitcase so one of the must-have traveler, other than the backpack. The suitcase can facilitate our mobility, do not need heavy carrying luggage during the holidays.

Well, before buying a suitcase, you must know some of these things first.

1. Match the purpose of your traveling

Before putting all the clothes in the suitcase, make sure the suitcase you carry fits your purpose. Such as to a tropical or sub-tropical place. If you go to a cold or damp place, you should choose a suitcase of the hard case type, so that your goods are protected from the risk of getting wet.

2. Customize your item with the size of the suitcase

If you want to travel by suitcase, first decide what items you will bring. If you get on a plane and want to put your tray in the cabin, the size of 20 inches is the right size of the suitcase. While for a size larger than 20 inches, better placed in the trunk of the plane.

3. Choose a suitcase that has a metal zipper

Before traveling, make sure you have chosen a suitcase with metal zipper, so as not to be easily damaged when dragged or slammed in the trunk of the airport. In addition to zippers, make sure the luggage wheel works properly.

4. Determine the color of your trunk

Try to choose a bright color for your copper. Typically, dark-colored suitcases have been used too often. With light colors, you can more easily find it when the line in the trunk. Will not be confused too.